Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mauby Park is rolling

Mauby Park is a collective of talented people who have a common goal...that goal is to create content that have universal appeal. the group is comprised of some very talented people who are professionals in their fields.l lead the pack...but l am by no means the leader.the crew is stacked from head to toe...writers...artists...designers, we have skills that cross the board. First public gig we did was to design the car l drove to Orlando for Starwars Celebration 5. the

We are producing a documentary about the trip to Orlando...we have some CRAZY footage.

The next gig is producing images for a feature film trilogy being shot here in Canada.

we have been working behind the scenes on some great gigs...more to come on that, the group will be posting here as things are made more public. it will be a weekly blog...we be rolling.

Check out 'Lost Girl ' on SHOWCASE this weekend....l know a guy who did some work on that.wink wink!!!

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